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Network2WorkRVA Job Seeker Quiz

Network2WorkRVA Job Seeker Quiz

Network2WorkRVA partners with businesses in high-demand fields including healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, construction and trades, and information technology.

Do you think you might be interested in one of these four industries? Take the quiz below to see which might be a good fit.

Are you interested in exploring careers in other fields beyond the ones listed above? Please visit Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) to meet with a career coach.

Disclaimer: This quiz is for fun and not intended to serve as career coaching advice. When enrolling in the program, Network2WorkRVA may identify and recommend other industries instead.

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You’d do well in the Construction/Trades!

We hope you enjoyed this quiz to help determine what career path might be worth more exploration. Based on the answers given, you might do well in the Construction/Trades.

Construction and skilled trades workers are needed more than ever before due to retirement and industry growth. These jobs offer excellent pay, easy relocation and job security. Positions in this field can include construction supervisor, HVAC technician, electrician, painter, plumber and heavy equipment operator.

The healthcare industry continues to grow faster than any other. This provides stability, a wide variety of employers and the potential for career advancement. Entry-level positions in this field may include pharmacy technician, clinical medical assistant, nurse’s aide, phlebotomy technician, EKG technician and medical coder.

Manufacturing and logistics are huge and diverse industries, providing products that people use every day through supply chains. Central Virginia affords a number of opportunities in this industry with many national and regional companies. Positions in this field may include truck driver, production planner, machine operator, manufacturing technician, CNC machinist or logistics associate.

IT demands for businesses are expected to grow as we move to an increasingly connected, digital workforce. Specializations like cloud systems, security and programming can help you stand out in the field. Positions available in IT include support technician, software developer, network engineer, cloud architect, data scientist or web developer.

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