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Providers: Remove Barriers to Success

Providers: Remove Barriers to Success

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What is a Network2WorkRVA service provider?

Providers in our network help our job seekers overcome obstacles to employment. Our service providers are individuals and organizations who can help no- and low-wage individuals striving to climb the economic ladder by offering resources, assistance and aid.

Our service providers are passionate about helping job seekers combat challenges to realizing their full potential.

Funding requirement

Providers must have access to a funding source to pay for their goods or services that does not charge our individual job seekers. This can include Medicaid funding, a charitable fund or other financial resources.

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What services help Network2Work job seekers?

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Core skills education

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Technical skills training

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Physical health

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Mental health

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Food security

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Work supplies, materials, clothing

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Legal assistance

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Financial coaching

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Can I help in any other way?

Even if you can’t participate in the provider network at this time, you can become a Network2Work Advocate, helping job seekers find careers offering living wages. Advocate roles include:

identify workers who would be a good match for a job on the curated job list on the Network2Work platform. If you know people seeking better jobs and careers, this could be a role for you.

stay in touch regularly with job seekers to serve as an “early alert” system and as a source of encouragement as they work toward the job they have chosen.

Our advocates are passionate about helping people realize their potential and believe in the power of positive relationships.

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